Safety and Rules

DragWall is one of the safest climbing walls in Norway, and we would like to keep it that way. Therefore it is important that you know what you are doing when you are climbing and belaying. In addition we have some rules that need to be followed.

Safety rules at DragWall 

- Everyone using the climbing facility must have the norwegian climbing license (Brattkort).

- Beginners can use the facility if they are climbing with an experienced climber who have Brattkort. NOTE: Without Brattkort, you can't belay someone else unless you have direct supervision from someone with Brattkort.

- You should use a figure 8 knot to tie the rope to the harness. The rope should be tied through the tie-in loops (connecting the waist loop and leg loops).

- The locking carabiner for the belaying device should be attached to the belaying loop in the harness, and only the belaying loop. NOTE: You can not belay using only a carabiner.

- When using stich/tube/ATC belaying devices you have to keep one hand locked on the rope below the belaying device at all times.

-Ved topptauing skal det byttes låsehand, dvs en lukket hand rundt tauenden til enhver tid. (jf punktet over) 

- When giving rope to someone lead climbing, you can let your hand glide down the rope.

- When taking in rope or belaying top rope you can not let your hand glide up the rope. One hand should always be on the rope below the belaying device.

- When lead climbing every bolt should be clipped.

- When top roping, both top anchors should be clipped. Alternatively two consecutive bolts can be used.

- When top roping on the overhanging walls at least one bolt should be clipped in on the climbers rope to prevent pendulum swing.
             - Remember to clip in on the way down and clip out on the way up!

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