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NTNUI Tindegruppa (TG) was founded in 1959, and has played an important role in norwegian climbing history. The vision of the group is facilitating climbing both indoors and outdoors, both in Trondheim and the surrounding areas. Tindegruppa therefore manages an indoors climbing wall at Dragvoll, and a bouldering room at SiT Gløshaugen, both open for all to use.

Every year Tindegruppa arranges climbing and bouldering competitions in our facilities. We do also arrange a couple of trips to more or less known climbing areas in Norway for sports climbing, bouldering, alpine climbing and ice climbing (mostly in Trøndelag county, but also trips to areas further away).

Our cabin at Selnes is available for free for all members of Tindegruppa. Tindegruppa do also rent out non-personal climbing gear for free.

During every semester we arrange courses for novice climbers and more experienced climbers and all those in the middle. We will announce all courses and other info via our Facebook page (@ntnuiTG) and our webside (this one).

We have regular meetings in the Hangaren cantina at Gløshaugen (almost) every friday, where we welcome everyone for a chat. Welcome to Trondheim!

We do also suggest joining the group “TG møteplassen” on Facebook if you want to connect with other climbers in Trondheim.


Tindegruppa's bouldering room is located at SiT training facility at Gløshaugen, often called I-bygget. There are multiple walls at different angles, and a good variety of holds so that anyone can climb here regardless of level. The only thing you need to climb is a pair of shoes.

Opening hours for SiT Gløshaugen

  • Monday and Wednesday: 06.30-23.00
  • Tuesday, Thursday og Friday: 07.30–23.00
  • Saturday: 10.00–20.00
  • Sunday: 10.00–22.00


We have started using an app called OpenClimb as our bouldering guide. With the app you can add problems yourself as well as see other peoples problems.

The Climbing Police

The climbing police's job is to make sure that the climbing at DragWall is done in a safe and controlled manor.

The climbing police is Tindegruppas way of ensuring the safety at DragWall. They are climbers like everyone else, but they are very experienced and have therfore been given our trust to make sure everything happens in a safe way. 

*The climbing police is there for your safety when you are climbing

*The climbing police's task is to ensure that everyone are climbing in a safe way

*The climbing police enforce the rules we have at DragWall

*If there is anything about climbing at DragWall you are wondering about, just ask them!


The routes at DragWall are made by members of Tindegruppa. Are you interested in creating your own routes at DragWall? You do not need any previous experience, but if you want to learn about routesetting you should sign up for a routesetting course (Tindegruppa will normally have one routesetting course every year).  Send a message to the Chief of DW if you are interested or check out the routesetting group!


Belaying with GriGri

We have seen many cases of bad belaying with GriGri. We have, because of this, made a set of rules for using this belaying device.

DragWall and Grigri 

Most accidents at indoor climbing facilities happen because of poor belaying. Many of these accidents involve incorrect use of Grigri.

If you haven't learned how to use a Grigri, it is about time you do. Here is a video from Petzl showign correct use.

How would you like to be belayed with a Grigri?

If you struggle with belaying as showed, you can ask the climbing police at DragWall for help and advice.

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